Magda’s Story Featured in Documentary Series

The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center has produced two new 30-minute documentaries featuring Magda Brown and three other Chicagoland Survivors. The series, Stories of Survival, first premiered on Chicago’s WTTW and was televised nationally on public television stations in April 2020. The film was nominated for an Emmy and won first place at the Houston Film Festival.

This series is a huge achievement for the museum and the survivors, and a lasting tribute to the victims.

Final Transports: The Holocaust Stories of Magda and George

In early summer 1944, at the height of the deportation of Hungarian Jews, Magda Brown and George Brent arrived as teenagers at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The documentary brings viewers on their journey across multiple countries and camps, revealing the intensely human aspects of survival, resistance, chance, and luck in the face of Nazi tyranny.

Childhood Lost: The Holocaust Stories of George and Steen

Within hours of the Nazi invasion and occupation of Western Europe, George Mueller and Steen Metz had their childhoods engulfed by war. Their innocence was destroyed as prejudice and persecution spread throughout Europe. The documentary details their fight for survival and the endurable spirit of family, courage, and hope.